Mike Tam
team nuun athlete

sport: Cycling

I'll be entering my third year of competition as a cyclist. I participate mainly in endurance/ultra endurance off road events. I have progressed rapidly to be competitive on a high level. I am beginning to mix running into my competition schedule. Last year my team was sponsored by NUUN. (Total Cyclist/ Team JJF). I'm hoping to become an ambassador as a means to evolve my relationship with NUUN and to ensure that Chris Wieczorek does not steal all the new-watermelon, new-lemon-lime, and PLUS. I'm not the fastest guy on the planet but I try, I am courteous, and I have a lot of fun. I tweet most of my adventures and I know a lot of pros.


2014: Winner Charlotte Short track series (beginner), Austin Rattler 100k (purple coral status), Tahoe Trail 100 (red coral status), Pisgah 111K, Leadville Trail 100 (9:39 time, silver buckle), Fools Gold 100(P35), 5 points 50 (P21)

2015: Charlotte Short track series 4th place (sport), Charlotte Short Track team champions (Total Cyclist MTB), USA Cycling MTB Marathon National Championships (4th), Dirty Kanza 200 (P99 overall), ORAMM (P85 overall), Leadville Trail 100 (8:59 time, Gold buckle), Shenendoah 100(P151), Fools Gold 100(P35), 5 Points 50 (P12). DCCX Day 2 C4/5 (Winner)

Mike's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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