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sport: running

Lived a lot of places. Grew up in the flatlands and suburbs of Dallas. Went to college in Virginia at William and Mary. While there I discovered my love of the outdoors and running...hard to do that in Dallas grin After that I moved to Michigan for law school, then practiced law in Washington DC for three years. That wasn't fun, but it was in DC that I first took up biking as a way to relieve the stress of the law. Then moved to Chicago for four years to do an MBA and consulting. I was on the road for four days a week each week, so I learned to ride exercise bikes in hotel gyms for hours on end. Currently in Seattle. I spend most of my training for triathlons, riding bikes with buddies and hiking with my dog. In the summer I also like to get out climbing. Side note (but not as interesting): I now work at Amazon as a Product Manager helping to lead the international expansion of Amazon Video.


Two full Ironman distances completed (Coeur d'Alene (12:50) and Canada (11:30ish)). Six 70.3s. Best time was 5:02 6 marathons (Chicago 1x, Vancouver, NYC 2x, Berlin 1x). Best time was 3:17 Last March I finished a 70.3 in Monterrey Mexico with two fractures in my pelvis, a broken rib and a grade 2 contusion of my Kidney. Had a bike wreck at mile 55 of the bike....didn't realize I was hurt that bad. Still finished under 6 hours. Innumerable hikes with Mammut (my dog)

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