Nathan Matsui

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon

My name is Nathan Matsui and I'm a New York City School Teacher by day and an endurance/triathlon junkie by night (at least that is how I view myself). To my friends and family, I'm an extremely positive and passionate individual that works at an extremely tough and demanding job teaching inner city youth. From my wife's point of view, I'm a devoted and hard working husband, a first time expecting father and have an obsession with triathlon and cycling. If you ask the athletes I train, I'm obsessed with how the human body functions and how to make it as efficient as possible, I'm encouraging, knowledgable and determined to have them achieve their goals.

With no formal background in swimming, biking, or running and having no friends involved in multisport I had to learn everything on my own via trial and error. I have made almost every "rookie" or "newbie" mistake but can proudly say I have learned from each of those mistakes. As a result I have developed a sound foundation of knowledge and implement it in training, racing, coaching and in my daily life.


2014 Ironman Princeton 70.3: 4:55 2014 Riverhead Rocks Olympic: 2nd AG/14th OA 2014 Philadelphia Half Marathon: 1:30 2015 USAT Age Group National Championship (Olympic): Qualified

Nathan's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Tri-Berry

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