Nicole Ramsbey

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon


I race everything from sprint distance tri's to Ironman distance tri's every year. I think one of my major accomplishments was getting a PR in the Ironman distance my first Ironman back post baby. My 2nd would be completing an Ironman with a seperated tailbone. The 3rd major accomplishment was completing my 3rd tri ever in honor of a boy (now a teenager) who had Leukemia and placing at that event. I helped raise funds for Leukemia Lymphoma Society and formed quite the special bond with Cole. That was the day that I realized no amount of pain I feel during a race will compare to what this child goes through on a daily basis. The thought enables me to suck it up during any race and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Nicole's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Grape

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