Robert Brouillette

team nuun athlete

sport: running

I'm a Canadian sub-elite runner out of Cambridge, Ontario. I'm 23 years old. I do running for a living with a part-time job on the side. I specialize in long distance road races such as the marathon, but still enjoy everything from 5K and up. I do a few track and trail specific races a year. I have done two unique events like a vertical challenge half-marathon up a ski hill and a Ultimate stage challege (7 different distance races between 10K-marathon over 8 days totalling 160K). I do annual high altitude trips such as 8 months over the past 4 years in Iten, Kenya and 2 weeks in Flagstaff, Arizona with various elites, World Champions, Olympians and World Record Holders. I have a strong passion for the running I do and dedicate myself to the sport day in and day out.


- Qualified for Canadian College Nationals x3. - 2015 ENDURrun Ultimate champion, 3rd fastest time in history. - 15th Canadian overall at both Ottawa & Toronto Marathon. - 2nd overall at Hamilton Marathon. - 10K @ 33:20, HM @ 1:13:28 & marathon @ 2:37:04 (under 2:40:00 x5). - Plus lots more so times and results are available upon request.

Robert's Favorite flavor is
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