Ryan Frappier

team nuun athlete

sport: running

2008 Freak accident at work resulting in immediate back surgery 2009-2011 rehabing injury and relearning how to move pain free 2012 Completed my first full marathon 2014 fell back in love with running after my first November Project workout 2015 First experience with new-watermelon Nuun. OMG!! 2015 have run 18+ and still counting races 2015 Living life while loving what I do each and every day!


Have run 18+ races this past year Completed a GoRuck Heavy lasting 24 hours while carrying a 40lb pack Competed a GoRuck Challenge lasting 12 hours while carrying a 35lb pack Spartan Trifecta Tribe Qualified for the 2016 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships Have guided disabled veterans through Spartan Races as their team member Currently training for my first multi day event which will cover the span of 42 hours straight through. GoRuck HCL is their 3 events back to back to back