Sarah Bowen Shea - Another Mother Runner

Sarah Bowen Shea - Another Mother Runner
team nuun athlete

sport: Running

location: Portland, OR

I am a mother on the move: I have three school-age kids, including high-energy boy-girl twins. Along with Dimity McDowell, I am the co-founder of Another Mother Runner, an online and in-person community of women runners celebrating every mile and milestone. I run because I love to be outdoors in verdant Portland, Oregon, and because it makes me feel badass in my otherwise tame life. I talk about a variety of running topics (and laugh uproariously while doing so!), on the Another Mother Runner podcast: New free episodes every Friday!


I have run 14 marathons, including qualifying for and tackling the Boston Marathon twice. But the physical accomplishment I’m most proud of is exclusively breastfeeding my twins for the first year of their life. That feat literally and figuratively took everything out of me!