Sarah Farsace

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I am a 32 year old Physical Education and Health teacher. I love chapstick, fall afternoons and grape Nuun. I have a real passion for adventure and pushing myself. If it's something new then I want to try it. Longer endurance events are my preference - triathlons, Ultras, and 24 hour orienteering events - which is why Nuun is such a good fit for me.

I live in Kansas City Missouri, just this year was nominated for KC sports woman of the year. I am in the Central Missouri State University Athletic Hall of fame twice, and was teacher of the year in my district for 2013.


Beat cancer at age 27 and came back better then ever. First woman finisher 5th overall Gritty Fitty Canoe Race 2014 First Tandem Canoe Gasconade River Run (27 mile) 2014 Three 50k finishes, 4 marathons, 4 century rides College Bowling NCAA title (UCM)