Siobhan Kelly

elite team nuun athlete

sport: Running

My name is Siobhan Kelly. I am a 19 year old professional mountain bike and cyclocross athlete from Canada competing in the Under 23 category all over North America. I attend University in the fall terms at Western University and in the winter/spring I train and race in California and Arizona. I have attended World Cups for both mountain and cyclocross and I`m hoping to qualify for World Championships in 2016. I would love to be a nuun ambassador for a company that I love and use every single day!


Race History 2015 Cyclocross:_ Canadian Cyclocross National Championship 2015 4th_ UCI World Cup #1 Cross Vegas_ 40th Elite Women_ Craft Grand Prix of Gloucester_ 56th Elite Women Day 1_ 37th Elite Women Day 2 2015 Mountain Bike:_ US Cup 1 35th Elite Women XCO_ 28th Elite Women STXC_ US Cup 2 37th Elite Women XCO_ 16th Elite Women STXC_ Canada Cup 1 20th Elite Women XCO Canada Cup 3 14th Elite Women XCO US Cup 3 28th Elite Women XCO_ 19th Elite Women STXC

2014 Cyclocross:_ Grand Prix of Gloucester_: 48th Elite Women Day 1_ 41st Elite Women Day 2_ Ellison Park Cyclocross_: 30th Elite Women Day 1_ 27th Elite Women Day 2_ Canadian Cyclocross National Championships 11th Elite Women_ Cincy 3 _ Kings After Dark_ 35th Elite Women 2014 Mountain Bike:_ Canada Cup 1 - 13th Junior Women XCO Canada Cup 3 - 12th Junior Women XCO Canadian Championships:_ 14th Junior Women XCO_ 12th Elite Women XCE

Siobhan's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Fruit Punch

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