Stephanie Middleton

team nuun athlete

sport: Triathlon

I am a mother of 4 (21, 18, 14, 11) 7 year old Levi (chocolate lab), a 3x Ironman and a full-time volunteer in our community. I have been a member of the Ironman Foundation/Newton Running Ambassador Team for the past two years - this year as a mentor. I started triathlon 8 years ago with 1 sprint in my first season (after having to learn to swim to compete) - which morphed into 4 and moved onto doing the Boston Marathon and a 9.5 mile swim in Cooperstown NY. This next year, I have an approved spot in Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Norway. I love inspiring other people to become active and have signed up many friends along the way - it's way more fun to have friends to train and race with. When I do sign up for a race alone - I usually come home with a handful, or more, new friends.


3 x Boston Marathon finisher 3 x Ironman 9.5 mile Lake Otsego Swim 2015 Norseman Xtreme

Stephanie's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Lemon+Lime

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