Stephanie Nay

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I have played sports my whole life. I've played soccer since I was 8 years old, flag football in high school and multiple intramural sports in college. Now that I work full time, I am thankful for club sports in the Tampa Bay area. I still play soccer and I picked up a few kickball leagues. And no, not your elementary style kickball, its actually extremely competitive. smile About 3 years ago, for some extra exercise, I started running and signed up for my first 5k race. After that, I fell in love. Now I run a several races a year and continue to increase my speed and do better than the last. Next on my list is a Triathlon. "Do what you love, and do it often." - Anonymous


I have run several 5ks, 8ks, mud runs, charity runs and started training for triathlons. My first half marathon I ran in 2:10 just last year in 2013 and I had dreams of running it even faster the following year as well as running the Chicago marathon, but the car accident prevented me in competing in any big races. I have big plans for 2015 and that to sign up for my first sprint triathlon and run another half marathon and who knows maybe run a marathon by the end of the year!

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