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I am a 50 year old distance junkie from FL. I currently hold the world record for females with the most completed Ironman distance triathlons at 90. I intend to do at least 10 more this year to make it a lovely round number. I have been doing triathlon since 1990 and am the only woman in the 300 Century Club at USAT. I have been doing irons since May of 2002 and celebrated my 50th with my own little race of SusanmanIronPalooza. Maybe Round II should be at 100! I love running, riding my bike and swimming. I love running off road the best and once ran the Kokopelli Trail of 150 miles over a 5 day period with RATS! I also have done Ultraman Florida and I have to say that has been my most surreal spectacular event! In 2012 I did 18 irons in one year, and made the NBC Broadcast of Kona in the last 5 minutes with the biggest smile on my Legacy Slot face!

In my more productive moments, I represent the State of FL on the USAT Board of Directors and sit on the International Triathlon Union's Womens Committee. I also sit on our local running club Board, JTC Running.


I will race 45x this year. I have raced 50ish X the last few years all types of events...folks remain amazed I don't get injured. I have placed in many events although as I get older & keep up this pace, I find I enjoy more a supportive role as I race, rather than a desire to make the podium. I make friends on the course __

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