Tammara Francis

team nuun athlete

sport: Running

Someone who has been fairly fit the majority of their life time, it really took off when I was 13 and my mom passed from cancer. While tragic, it made me realize I wanted to live a healthy life and then started my love of fitness. I used run just to keep in shape and then my first race happened. A 5km run for breast cancer, and I was hooked. Did many half marathons after that and then it happened, I felt I needed more, so my first marathon in Edmonton while still on maternity leave with my second son, 3:41:02, at that time I missed qualifying for Boston by 3 seconds. So I reached out to a coach, my next marathon, well blew it out of the water 3:14:27 in Vancouver. Since then I've been hooked on marathons, and races. I love challenging myself physically and mentally and always getting faster and stronger. I've recently added some trail races and also started a fitness group that is outdoors all year round which has in turn became part of a bigger group 'November Project'.


Edmonton, Vancouver, Boston 2013, Malibu, Calgary, Chicago, Boston 2015 and now going to NYC marathon 2015, then going international to either London or Tokyo. I've ran multiple halfs, and short distances and recently began trail races with 5 Peaks and in the fall North Face Endurance challenge in Utah.

Tammara's Favorite flavor is
Nuun Electrolytes : Cherry Limeade

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