Tiffany Henness

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sport: Running

Tiffany, aka Running Hutch, has been a marathoner since 2008. From walk/jogging for charity to running for personal bests to seeking out distances beyond the marathon, Tiffany has used her blog to encourage others to get out and run. She is a co-creator of Run This Year, an online community of runners attempting to run the year in miles. Tiffany also coaches part time at a local CrossFit gym in Huntington Beach and hopes to enter local CrossFit competitions.


Recently, my return from injury. Half Marathon on 11/15. All running, no pain! I've completed races at every distance up to 50k. In 2011 I ran 7 Rock 'n' Roll events to earn my 'Rock Legend' medal. Since I started running I've decreased my half marathon time from the high 2:30's to my current standing (but not for long) PR of 2:02.

I consider completing my CrossFit gym's "Level 2" challenge a major accomplishment. I had 25 minutes to run 2 miles and do 25 pull ups. Then I had 10 minutes to do 10 Clean & Jerks at 3/4 bodyweight plus 10 Overhead Squats at 1/2 body weight. Then 4 minutes to do 50 burpees.

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