team nuun athlete

sport: Running

I still consider myself a new runner. April 2013, I couldn't take it anymore. I joined a weigh loss program and did great. But then I noticed I needed to tone.

I called a friend who ran many marathons and asked her if she knew anyone who could teach me how to run. She met me two days later. We walked a 5K that week in the rain and I haven't stopped.

Within my first 6 months I ran my first half marathon. My first year I ran over 500 miles. I celebrate great runs, I celebrate horrible runs. I love telling my story - I love sharing how hard it is but also how rewarding it is to run and to be healthy.

I run with Nuun. I use instagram, facebook and twitter to track my runs. I'm now starting to blog about my runs. I freeze Nuun in the Texas summer sun and also take it with me on freezing cold runs.


I inspire other people who never thought they could run to run! I ran my first half marathon with 6 months of starting this running journey.