Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team

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sport: Cycling

location: Seattle, Washington

Jet City Velo/Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team is a team of people who like to ride together, hang out together, and generally have fun. We encourage team members to race but do not expect it. Those of us who race do so because we enjoy competing. When we are in a race we all work with and complement each other”s different abilities and fitness levels. We have developed very solid groups of Men”s and Women”s Masters. We also have a strong group of Men”s and Women”s open category racers.

Racing is not the “be all and end all” of our lives, however. Most of us have careers and/or families but enjoy riding our bikes and staying fit and healthy. We are here because we want to be and look for like-minded individuals who also understand the team concept.

By riding as a team we are achieving individual success as well. We are having a great deal of fun and satisfaction pursuing our hobby as part of a community.