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Nuun is a whole new way to hydrate. No more old-school, sugar-tastic sports drinks: Nuun is a fizzy tablet you add to your water for a refreshing burst of powerful electrolytes and amazing flavor.

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"The taste is great, and it doesn’t taste too sugary like other hydration drinks I’ve had before." — Dan N.


"Ever since I started integrating Nuun into my workouts and even throughout the day, I have felt so much better. I had no idea dehydration was affecting me." — Tommy B.


"I'm not a water drinker. However, my fitness training daughter shared her Nuun with me this year, and I'm hooked!" — Dana D.


"Big fan of the product. Way less likely to drink soda." — Amanda S.


"So good! I’ve fallen in love with these products! My pantry is now full of Nuun." — David W.

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