30-Day Hydration Bundle

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Healthy hydration habits start here. In this kit you’ll find everything you need for 30 days of total hydration. In addition to ten tubes of Nuun, each 30-Day Hydration Kit contains one 20oz glass water bottle for taking your hydration on the go, a set of hydration guidelines for understanding each of the included Nuun products, a guide to plan your daily hydration, and a chart to track your progress.

Included Nuun Tubes: 
1 Tube of Nuun Rest Lemon Chamomile 
1 Tube of Nuun Vitamins Strawberry Melon 
1 Tube of Nuun Vitamins Blueberry Pomegranate 
1 Tube of Nuun Vitamins Tangerine Lime 
1 Tube of Nuun Sport Lemon Lime 
1 Tube of Nuun Sport Orange 
1 Tube of Nuun Sport Strawberry Lemonade 
2 Tubes of Nuun Immunity Blueberry Tangerine 
1 Tube of Nuun Immunity Orange Citrus

In total, that’s 106 servings of Nuun!

*Due to COVID-19 supply limitations, water bottle color will vary.


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