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Taste & feel the difference with Nuun Powders. Our products offer optimized electrolytes in crisp, delicious flavors to keep you moving.

16 Packet Box
Nuun Sport Hydration Electrolyte Powder Drink Mix is a perfect addition to your water bottle. This refreshing hydration drink mix hydrates better than water alone and can be used before, during, and after movement.
Optimized formula for proactive hydration
Convenient powder stick packs
1g of sugar per serving
A canister of Nuun Endurance Lemon Lime.
Go longer, stronger. Complete electrolytes. Carbohydrates. Optimal absorption. Hardworking hydration for those breaking a sweat all dang day.
Optimized electrolytes to maintain fluid balance
Efficient carbohydrates speed up hydration
Flavors sourced from organic ingredients
two people drinking Nuun Sport while on a bike ride
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What Our Community Says

I love using Nuun.
“It’s easy to carry the tablets while riding and the taste isn’t to sweet and it keeps me energized!!!“
Jason O.
Woman jumping with Nuun Sport in background
Better Than From a Can
“Beats other energy drinks out in a way that I can feel good about while still getting the zip I need.“
Nuun Energy Berry Blast.
Peter S.
So many options each day
“I love their Immunity line. The flavors are a little more subtle than the sport and daily hydration options. I rotate between immunity and vitamins now.“
Nuun Immunity Blueberry Tangerine.
Tom K.
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