Pro tri-athlete and coach Alyssa Godesky shares her fond recollections of Kona Cola and Ironmans past...  

These last few weeks have certainly been a roller coaster for me with everything that is going on in the world today. From sad tears after reading news of how far and wide this virus is reaching, to tears of laughter and happiness as we are reminded that there is some good out there (may I suggest watching John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” videos if you haven’t already), emotions are running high, that’s for sure. I am also finding myself at home a lot more than ever before, looking into every drawer and cupboard of my apartment for an opportunity to clean something else (never thought I’d dust my ceiling!), organize something (hello Marie Kondo-inspired drawers), and along the way old memories are unsurfaced in the back corners of these places. 

But my walk down memory lane last week wasn’t uncovered from an old dusty corner - it actually arrived on my doorstep. It was the arrival of Kona Cola Nuun Hydration!

One sip of Kona Cola and I was brought back to my first Ironman: Ironman Louisville in August of 2009. Training through the humid summer in Baltimore, MD, meant countless bottles of Kona Cola NUUN. It made me think about those long hard rides - my first time changing a flat tire mid-ride, my first time getting dropped and having to navigate my way home during a group ride, and navigating lap swimming in crowded city pools filled with bikini clad partiers on the weekends. Ah, memories :) 

I’m excited that Kona Cola is back in 2020, knowing how much the sport has grown since 2009. I know that there are many triathletes out there who have their first Ironman on the horizon, and the taste of Kona Cola will forever bring them back to similar memories. Kona Cola will remind them of powering through 100+ mile rides when they didn’t think they’d make it home, or through that last long mile of a brick session to finish off their biggest training week ever. 

Those who are trying Kona Cola for the first time will also have it associated with memories of postponed races and uncertainty in training in racing. But I hope it also brings memories of special moments where you had to look inside and figure out what really keeps you motivated, and that getting outdoors and muuving any way you can, is what truly makes you happy. 

Through the good times and the rough moments, let’s all raise a glass and cheers to the return of Kona Cola! 

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  • I’m so glad it’s back! Love Kona Cola!!!!!!

    Krista on

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