A Work-From-Home Workout Guide

Finding the best workout when working from home is just step one!

Here are 10 tips to make working out, while working from home, work for you:

  1. Schedule – If you’re waiting for that perfect moment to squeeze in some extra movement in your workday, we have some bad news: it’s not going to happen. Plan ahead and set time aside on your calendar for a workout, even if it’s just a 15-minute walk. By scheduling it you make it a priority and you ensure it won’t be derailed by meetings.
  2. Dress for Success – Once you have a plan for when you’re going to work out you can minimize the transition time between work and workout by dressing in your athletic attire for the day (or days) that you plan on working out.
  3. Have an Alternate Plan – remember what we said about having a plan and sticking with it? Yeah, well you should also have a backup plan. We all know that sometimes you just have one of those days where everything goes sideways. When that happens, be intentional about how you want to make up for it. By sticking with the intention of working out during your workday you build positive habits.
  4. Pre-hydrate – Don’t let dehydration wreck your day! Prehydrate for your workouts (and just hydrate in general!) throughout the day. Hydration helps maintain energy and focus and you’ll want both of those for finishing your day feeling great!  
  5. Build in Variety – Routine is nice, but mixing up your training routines not only gives your mind a refresh, but it also gives you the benefits of cross training: working different muscle groups for full-body fitness.
  6. Keep Equipment in One Location – Ready to rock your mid-day workout? Save time by keeping all the equipment you need in one place-including your water bottle!
  7. Consider Cleanup – This is one of the most overlooked elements in at-home fitness: cleanup. Not just readjusting your exercise area back to normal, but also hopping in the shower or changing out of sweaty clothes. While no one can smell you on a Zoom call, they can certainly see you and you want to look as put together as you normally would in your workday.
  8. Share your Success – You’ve heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” and it’s true! Make your at home workout dreams come true by teaming up with a coworker or friend to be accountability buddies in your fitness goals.
  9. Maximize Mini-Breaks – Have a busy day with no time between meetings for a full workout? Why not challenge yourself to do short bursts of training in the small windows of time between those meetings. One challenge we at Nuun love: doing a pushup for every minute early a meeting ends. It’s a great way to add a little extra movement to your day.
  10. Get Outside – At home workouts don’t have to be IN home workouts. If you’re struggling to find the space to move freely get outside and work up a sweat jogging around the neighborhood or getting fit in the front yard. Studies show that adults who spend more time outside are happier and may even recover faster!

No matter what strategies you use to find time for fitness at home remember to stay hydrated. Replace the electrolytes lost during sweat with a healthy sports drink like Nuun Sport to keep symptoms of dehydration at bay.

Happy Hydrating!

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