Essential Supplies for Air Travel Right Now

Got big travel plans coming up? Make sure you’ve packed supplies to stay healthy while you travel. Whether you’re hopping on a quick flight or voyaging across the ocean, protect your immune system from the common contagions and stressors of air travel.    

The New Additions to your Packing List: 


  • Hand Sanitizer- Is it just us or are airplane bathrooms never as clean as you want them to be? While we all know that washing your hands is key to immune health but if you want to avoid airplane germs in the bathroom, help yourself to a generous squeeze of hand sanitizer to eradicate any germs before busting open that bag of pretzels.
  • Antibacterial Wipes- The fast turnover times between flights means that your airplane might not be getting the thorough cleaning you’d expect. Before you sit down, give your seat and arm rests an antibacterial wipe down. Don’t forget the tray table- top and bottom!    
  • Reusable Water Bottle- Fun fact: Hydration is ESSENTIAL for immune system health. Don’t wait for the beverage cart to help you stay hydrated on an airplane. Travel prepared with a reusable water bottle. And while we’re talking about hydration…       
  • Nuun Immunity- A favorite of frequent flyers everywhere, Nuun Immunity contains a powerful blend of vitamins, botanicals, minerals, and antioxidants for total immune system support. Right now, we’re recommending doubling up on this potent supplement (2 tablets for 16oz of water) for an immune boosting beverage while you’re on the go!  


  • Gloves- Gloves can provide a strong physical and visual reminder to avoid touching your face, however gloves should not be treated as a foolproof strategy for hand sanitation. Learn proper glove techniques and change your gloves often because (just like hands) they can pick up pathogens from contaminated surfaces.
  • Face Masks- Masks are a popular accessory for traveling during cold and flu season, but not all masks are created equally. Do the research and find a mask that is fitted, suitable for airborne pathogens, and effective for at least the duration of your travel time. The free cloth masks they give out at doctors’ offices are not going to cut it...  
  • Meditation App- Study after study show that stress is a huge factor in immune health. These days, there’s plenty to be stressed about, so invest in stress reducing measures like a mediation app or an absorbing beach read book to reduce stress while flying.   
  • Nuun Rest- Another important factor in keeping your body’s immune system working well while traveling? Getting enough sleep. If you’re hopping a red-eye or traveling to a distant time zone, help your body relax into a new sleeping rhythm with Nuun Rest. Nuun Rest promotes the body’s natural relaxation response, so you won’t feel groggy the next day.   

What’s in your carry-on bag these days? Share your top healthy travel tips in the comments below!

PS- Please wash your hands.

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