Get to Know Nuun’s Sponsored Teams!

Meet some of Nuun’s sponsored teams and learn about the missions and the milestones driving them! 

LA Sweat

Let's face it, bike racing is a male-dominated, testosterone-soaked sport that caters to those with the biggest ego and the most wins.

LA Sweat is here to change that. We believe it only takes a few women to influence a peloton, and that cycling is a place for EVERYONE. We’re on a mission to empower other women to cut the crap and be unafraid to just get out there and ride. In a culture of power profiles, recovery tights, and carbon bottle cage bolts, it's nice to be reminded there are still women out there who just wanna go fast and have fun. Because bikes are fun. Riding is fun. Racing is fun. Oh, and winning races every now and then ain't too shabby either.

The LA Sweat Cycling team

Smashfest Queen

TeamSFQ is our amateur ambassador team. It's an international group of women of a wide range of abilities and experience. What they share is a love of endurance sports and the community and a desire to encourage and inspire other women to set big, scary goals and chase them. These women are consistently showing up for one another to support each other in their pursuits, in sport and life, through our virtual online community, and then in person at races and training meetups all over the world. The friendship bonds we've seen formed through our team continue to blow our minds! This is what we're here for!

Team Smashfest Queen smiles at the camera

Team Novo Nordisk

Team Novo Nordisk is the world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team. All our athletes compete with type 1 diabetes. We race to inspire, educate, and empower everyone affected by diabetes as we compete against the best cyclists in the world. We see everyone who is affected by diabetes as part of our team. We are all connected and work together to provide each other hope and inspiration to keep chasing our dreams.

One member of team Novo Nordisk gets ready to ride

Team On Pace

"TOP (Team On Pace) is the continuation of a 20-year old program that started as the Timex Multisport Team. TOP is dedicated to supporting elite athletes who achieve greatness in sport while successfully balancing family, work, and community. TOP athletes are equally comfortable standing atop the podium as they are leading a Saturday morning group ride."

One Team On Pace member stands with his water bottle

Team Onyx

We are the first all-Black team in expedition racing, representing the best qualities and strength that come from diversity. We are a mixture of gay and straight athletes in our 20s, 40s and 50s from around the world. As individuals, we have tirelessly tested the limits of body and mind. 

Together, we are changing the face of adventure sports. 

  • -First all black team to race Eco Challenge 
  • -Featured team at Eco Challenge Fiji Worlds Toughest Race. 
  • -First all African American team to complete an Adventure Raving World Series Race (Americas Toughest Race) May 2021  

Team OnyxThe back of the Team Onyx jersey

Team Atalanta

Atalanta, founded by Mary Cain, is part pro women’s running team and part service organization. The women who are recruited to the team won’t sign traditional athlete contracts, they’ll become employees of the nonprofit organization, taking roles that further their careers after they’re finished competing. They’ll also each serve as mentors to underserved girls in the New York community, for whom Atalanta is creating educational and movement-based programs.

Team Atalanta founder

Nuun is proud to play a part in the journeys of each one of these incredible teams. We applaud their commitments to making a positive impact in both sport and society.


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