Nuun Rest: Your Newest Nightstand Staple

Do yourself a favor and begin to plan for tomorrow, tonight. No, we don’t mean laying out your outfit or preparing overnight oats (although, yum!). We’re talking about getting a solid night’s rest.  Deep sleep is absolutely fundamental to setting yourself up for success. Whether the day ahead includes an exerting workout or necessitates a great deal of mental clarity and focus, quality sleep is the most important factor for ensuring that you’re physically and/or mentally prepared.

The very first step to a quality night of sleep is allowing your body to begin to slow down from a day’s worth of activity and information overload. Your body triggers something called a “relaxation response”. Think about it as the opposite of experiencing stress on a physiological level. Relaxation responses kick in naturally after periods of acute stress in an attempt to bring the body’s activity back to normal. It can also be induced through intentional activities such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.

Not all sleep is created equal. Your body’s relaxation response is a powerful tool. It slows down your heart rate and digestive functioning, lowers your blood pressure and returns your hormone levels to a sustainable and relaxed state. Minimizing the body of physical and mental stress is absolutely vital to actually gaining the benefits out of a night of sleep. Just because your eyes are shut doesn’t mean that you’re experiencing a deep rest state. So, how do you get more out of your 8-hours of shut eye?

Nuun Rest was formulated with three key-ingredients that work to support your body’s overall relaxation responses. Magnesium, tart-cherry and potassium play a crucial role in relaxing the major muscle groups, reducing inflammation, relieving stress and tension from the body, and easing nerve functions that keep the brain alert and awake.

Athletes in particular can struggle with a promptly induced relaxation response. When your muscles are overworked and inflamed, your body reads the “stress state” of recovery as a state of physiological arousal, therefore preventing bedtime bliss upon immediately shutting off the lights. Nuun Rest aids in the process of melting the tension away from those muscle groups as part of the overall relaxation response. Once your muscles begin to relax, it will set the tone for the rest of your body to begin preparing for sleep as well.

Keeping Nuun Rest stocked by your bedside is a great way to make sure you’re proactively planning for a more quality night of sleep. Just plop a tablet of soothing Lemon Chamomile or Blackberry Vanilla, kick back, and relax. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!

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