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Starting Orangetheory Fitness? Here’s why proactive hydration is key for heart-pumping workouts

Proactive hydration is critical to supporting your cardio and strength training workouts.

You’re ready to kick off 2024 with a new fitness routine. You can’t wait to seize the challenge…embrace the uncomfortable…and when the time is right, go All Out to crush your fitness goals.

But first, Nuun! Proactive hydration is critical to supporting your cardio and strength training workouts. That’s why we are thrilled to be the Preferred Pro-Active Hydration Partner of Orangetheory Fitness. And to celebrate, we’re cutting the ribbon on a bold, delicious new flavor. Introducing Nuun Sport Powder: All Out Orange.

But first, have you tried Orangetheory?

Orangetheory is legendary for its heart-rate-based group workouts that combine science, technology and expert coaching. For the uninitiated, here’s the rundown. In Orangetheory classes, a coach will guide you through five different heart rate zones: Gray for light activity, Blue for starting to walk or jog, Green for a challenging but doable pace, Orange for uncomfortable intervals and Red for brief, intense All Out efforts. The goal is to spend 12 to 20 minutes of your workout in The Orange Zone—that’s when you’re at 84% or more of your maximum heart rate.

Training in the Orange Zone helps improve your heart and lung function, increase muscle strength, improve bonefue mineral density and reduce high blood pressure. Other benefits include an increased metabolic rate that helps you burn calories, torch fat, and most importantly, feel amazing!

Hydration and your heart: could it be #NuunLove? 

Hydration is a big deal no matter how you muuv. But hydrating before, during, and after an interval training workout like Orangetheory may be especially key for your heart. For one, staying properly hydrated helps your blood from becoming too thick, so your heart can pump more efficiently. For two, hydration is key to having enough blood volume in your body. Otherwise, your heart may compensate by beating faster, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure even before you’ve started exercising.

To help your heart work smarter, not harder, strive to get enough water and electrolytes—especially when you’re muuving and sweating. That’s where Nuun comes in. Optimized for exercise, Nuun Sport Hydration contains replenishing electrolytes and minerals to keep your body in balance. Next time you’re in the Orange Zone, your heart will thank you!

“Orange” you excited for All Out Orange?

At Nuun, we know the importance of hydrating before you get your heart rate up. In that spirit, we’re launching All Out Orange in partnership with Orangetheory. If you haven’t guessed, this bold new flavor is inspired by the most exciting part of an Orangetheory workout: Going All Out. From the ripe citrus tang to the perfect hint of sweetness, All Out Orange hits the spot during any heart-pumping workout.

Wondering how to get your hands on the goodness? All Out Orange is available here on! This fizz-free hydration powder contains five key electrolytes to help replace those lost when you sweat. Plus, it’s made with clean ingredients† and has 90% less sugar than the leading electrolyte drink mix‡.

Shop All Out Orange Sport Hydration Powder Now!

Put your heart into your workout—but first, Nuun! 

Now that you’re aware of the heart-hydration connection, try these tips for pro-active hydration while rocking an Orangetheory class or your favorite heart-pumping workout:

  • Pregame with water. Hydrate before your workout. Remember: If you’re thirsty, you may already be dehydrated.
  • Don’t forget electrolytes. Add Nuun Sport to your bottle—it contains optimized electrolytes to hydrate better than water alone.
  • Hydrate between sets. A sport-top water bottle makes it easy to sip even when you’re going All Out.
  • Sip. Ahh. Don’t forget to rest and rehydrate as your heart rate returns to normal after your workout.

Muuv quickly to try All Out Orange, as it’s sure to become a favorite of both long-time Nuunies and Orangetheory devotees. We hope you enjoy this delicious new flavor as much as we enjoyed collaborating with Orangetheory to develop it. We’ll see you in the Orange Zone!

Shop All Out Orange Sport Hydration Powder Now!


‡This product contains 1g of total sugars per 16 fl oz prepared compared to 11g in the leading electrolyte drink mix.

†Clean is defined as non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free.

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