Unveiling Nuun Popping Candy – A Delicious Twist on Hydration!

Is Nuun getting a fizzy twist??

April Fools!

Surprise! Nuun Popping Candy is just an April Fool's joke! There's no need to worry about fizzy explosions – it's all in good fun! Thanks for joining in on the laughter and staying hydrated with Nuun. Still looking for some classic Nuun fizzy fun?

Stay Refreshed All Day

Nuun Daily is the perfect way to keep your day simple with 0g of sugar and 5 beneficial electrolytes that make healthy hydration habits the easiest part of your day.

Kickstart Your Day With Flavor

Looking for a fun way to kick off the weekend? Well, here's your answer: our Wild Strawberry Daiquiri recipe! Trust us when we say you'll want to add this into your spring rotation


How to make it:

Dissolve 1 tablet of Nuun Daily Wild Strawberry in 2 fl oz of room temperature water.

Add a handful of frozen strawberries to a blender with 4 fl oz coconut water.

Add in your fully dissolved Nuun Daily Wild Strawberry.

Blend until smooth and top with some fresh strawberries!

Enjoy your hydrating daiquiri!


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