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You seem to be pretty hydrated. But we have a few suggestions to up your game!

Don’t Skip Hydration at Night

Electrolytes aren’t just for exercise, they help you absorb water ANY time of day. So, finish your day off right with these two tips!


Tip #1:

Take time for water. Life gets busy, so use a typical moment of stillness at dinner to add water to your routine.


Tip #2:

  • Make your last sips count. Sleep is dehydrating. Prepare yourself for a good night's rest by adding electrolytes to your pre-bed routine.


Hydration at Night Matters

Forming new habits takes time—and understanding when and how you hydrate is the first step. Night time is often forgotten when thinking about proactive hydration, but what you do in the evening can impact your next day – Whether you’re training for a marathon or have a marathon-type day, hydration can be the game-changer to help you be your best all dang day.


We recommend adding
Nuun Sport to your morning routine to help build a better hydration habit!

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