6 Ways to Hit Those Hydration Goals

We all know that hydration is an essential part of our overall well-being. From body temperature regulation to the promotion of skin health, getting enough fluids and electrolytes should be a daily priority. Despite its importance, many of us struggle to meet our daily hydration goals.  

If you’re one of many who find it challenging to stay hydrated, creating and sticking to a hydration routine can make all the difference. Keep reading for tips on how to stay hydrated by following a consistent routine to help crush your hydration goals.  

Set Your Hydration Goal: 

The first step in reaching your hydration goal is to set one. If you rarely hydrate when you’re first starting, it may be best to start smaller and work your way up over time. If your end goal is to drink 100 fluid ounces per day, try starting with 70 fluid ounces per day and then add a few more each day until you reach your hydration goal. 

Invest In a Reusable Water Bottle:  

Carrying a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go makes regular sipping a convenience rather than a chore. Choose one that has visible measurements marked on the outside to make tracking your intake a breeze. Reusable water bottles can also serve as a great visual reminder that it’s time to take a sip! 

Turn Up The Flavor:  

Get bored of drinking plain water? Add some excitement to your hydration routine by infusing your water with fruit or even adding electrolyte products like Nuun Daily Tablets. Nuun Hydration tablets provide you with hydrating electrolytes and a burst of delicious flavor!   

Pay Attention To Your Thirst Triggers:  

Your body’s thirst signals can be one of the most useful tools for staying hydrated. Dry mouth or bad breath, headache, and dark-colored urine can all be signs that it’s time for something to drink. By recognizing these signals, you can proactively respond to your body's needs and get closer to your hydration goal.  

Associate Sipping With Other Habits:  

Associating taking a drink of water with other actions can be another helpful reminder. For example, every time you get up from your chair, complete a task or even pick up your phone, try matching the action with taking a sip of water. After some practice, the habits can become associated, and you’ll be steadily sipping without a second thought.   

Try a Hydration App:  

There really is an app for everything! Apps like Aqualert, Waterllama, and WaterMinder are useful tools that can help with monitoring water intake, provide reminders, and even games to help keep you on track toward achieving your hydration goal. 

Sticking to a hydration routine takes time and practice, but with determination and helpful reminders, you can start crushing your hydration goals.  

Along with these tips on how to stay hydrated, remember the importance of listening to your body, drinking water when you feel thirsty, and that hydration needs can change based on activity level and environmental conditions 

For a kickstart to your hydration journey, explore our Nuun Bundles!


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