Active Fall Family Outings

As the weather is cooling off and the back-to-school routine is running smoothly it can be easy to fall into an indoor rut. Board games and movie nights are great ways to bond as a family, but just because summer is over doesn’t mean there aren’t fun way to get outdoors and get active as a family. Here are some of our favorite seasonal suggestions!

Planting Party- Fall is a great time to plant flower bulbs as well as trees and shrubs. The plants are less likely to suffer from heat stress and the damp winter months give them time to focus on establishing root systems before emerging with beautiful blossoms in the spring. Grab some garden gloves and a couple of shovels and let the kiddos choose their favorite colors to plant in the ground or a well-draining outdoor pot. 

Farm Fun- Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, sunflower fields and more are all in season in autumn. Depending on where you live the growing season of local farms will vary, so be sure to check with each farm about their updated operations and activities for guests. You don’t want to show up to an empty field with a car full of excited kiddos! Not ready to trek out to a farm? Visit a farmer’s market and see what’s in season!

Backyard Camping- Let the little ones get a taste for adventure without having to commit to an entire weekend in the woods. Set up a tent in the back yard and share stories, s’mores, and snuggles as a family. You can go all out with setting up camp stoves and shade structures or keep it simple. With older kids, this can be a good time to teach them basic outdoor skills like how to set up a tent or cook a potato in a campfire.    

Leaf Looking (and Learning!)- Take the little ones out to see the changing leaves, even if it’s just a walk around the block. If you’re feeling extra educational, collect different leaves on your walk and then work together to identify the type of tree they came from when you get home. This is an especially fun project for crafty kids who will enjoy glueing and labeling the leaves in their own little leaf-book.

Pumpkin Crafts- Pick ‘em! Carve ‘em! Paint ‘em! Cook ‘em! Roast ‘em! Build a catapult and launch ‘em! What can’t you do with a pumpkin?! Fall is decorative gourd season, and pumpkins are the king of decorative gourds. Take the family out to select the perfect pumpkin, carve them up in your front yard while saving the seeds, then roast the seeds as a salty or sweet treat that’s super high in zinc and antioxidants. That’s a full day of fall season fun for the family!  

No matter where you go or what you do this fall, make sure you pack enough snacks and hydration to keep everyone happy! Anyone with a kid knows that the “Hanger” is real, but did you know that dehydration can also cause changes in behavior and severely depleted energy? For all the fun fall activities listed above we recommend hydrating with our Nuun Vitamins line. It has less sodium than Nuun Sport, so it’s perfect for low-impact activities. Plus, it comes in six fun flavors so you’re sure to find one that the whole family can enjoy!

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