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Nuun is a drink tablet that when added to water creates a healthy sports drink. Nuun is a community of people and athletes always striving to beat our own best in everything we do. Nuun is a lifestyle that embraces doing the right thing for the good of ourselves, other people, and the planet.

But do you know what Nuun means?

In the twelve years we've been hydrating the masses, we have heard a lot of stories and suggestions about where the name “Nuun” came from. Some of our all time favorites include:

  • Nuun is named after a company founder's dog's name
  • Nuun means "salt" in Sanskrit
  • Noon is the best time of day to hydrate, and sounds like Nuun
  • Nuun looks cool when spelled out
  • It's actually unnu (you’ve been holding the tube upside down the whole time)
  • Nuun literally means "nothing"
  • The creator was a nun, or maybe knew a nun, or maybe was a big fan of the flying nun tv show?

 We love our pups, but none of them are named Nuun!

When Nuun was founded twelve years ago, the goal was to make sports nutrition simple.

We'd had enough of sugary powders, stomach aches, and a one-size-fits-all approach to fueling for our training. Enter a low calorie, easy to make, simple to travel with, and delicious-to-consume alternative to staying hydrated during both training and everyday life.

The truth is, to us, Nuun means nutrition, uncompromised.

Nuun was made by athletes, for athletes, and when it comes to standards we hold ours high! And our standards aren't only high when it comes to the best ingredients and performance, but also when it comes to environmental impact and social responsibility. You can learn more about our commitment to #liveclean here.


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  • In French, it means something totally different and it is spelled noune!!! You can just imagine the amount of fun jokes that can come up with that at a race!!! By the way, I enjoy your product and thank you for that good laugh! :)

    Germain Leclerc on

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