Can Hydration Make You Happier?

You know the benefits of staying hydrated, but can hydration make you happier?

There are many theories on why humans are drawn to water. From oceans to sitting pool-side, water is said to make people feel happier and calmer. Many attribute this to humans being made up of 60% water, the aquatic blue-hues, or simply because we need water to survive. 

This connection between water and happiness left us thinking: can hydration make you happier? 

Give Your Brain a Break

Water activates the electrical functions in your brain. When you’re dehydrated, your body can’t fire off the hormones and neurotransmitters that produce emotions, thoughts, and actions.

According to Massachusetts Public Health, “Being dehydrated throws off the delicate dopamine and serotonin balances in the brain, natural chemicals that can increase/affect depression and anxiety.”

Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters that are known as the “feel-good” brain chemicals. Serotonin regulates your mood and influences your sleep while dopamine gives you feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Without proper hydration, these chemicals can’t flow through your brain! You can be left with feelings of anxiety, depression, and overall low energy. 

Give your brain a break! When you’re hydrated, your body is flushing waste and toxins, flowing nutrients and hormones, rejuvenating your skin, and way more.

Fuel Your Body

You can’t run a car without fuel, and your body can’t run without water. 

Put it this way: you can drive your car with low fuel levels. However, it doesn’t mean you should! This can damage your engine, fuel pump, and lead to more repairs down the road. 

The same goes for your body. 

You can function on a day-to-day basis while being moderately dehydrated. However, you won’t be operating at your best. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, dry skin, rapid heart rate, and more. 

All of these symptoms are destined to make you feel down. However, the answer to your problems is a sip away. Hitting your daily water goals supports your mental and physical health, while avoiding the effects of dehydration. 

So, does hydration make you happier?

Yes, staying hydrated can improve your mood, energy levels, physical health, mental health, and thinking abilities. However, sipping water isn’t a one-stop-shop to happiness. Increasing the amount of water you drink each day is a great first step to improving your mental and physical health! 

If you have trouble enjoying water or hitting your hydration goals, try Nuun’s Active Hydration Essentials. This kit has everything you need to stay hydrated. Enjoy 60 servings of delicious hydration, a water bottle, and our exclusive hydration guide to help you monitor your water goals and stay on track! 

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