Introducing: Nuun Immunity3

Nourish Your Immune System with the Power of Three

There’s a new Nuun product coming to stores near you (and available online right here!) called Immunity3. This powder product uses the same speedy hydration formulation found in Nuun Instant to deliver immune system supporting ingredients to the body FAST. Read on to learn what 3 key ingredients give Nuun Immunity3 its name AND make this product different from anything else on the market today…  

The Power of Three

We created Nuun Immunity3 because, simply put, we weren’t impressed with other immune supporting formulas available. With loads of excess sugar and imbalanced active ingredients as underlying issues in many products, we wanted to make something that was both easy and effective for everyone to enjoy. For this reason, we narrowed our focus to three key families of ingredients that we felt had the potential to be most impactful.


Everyone knows that Vitamin C is a go-to ingredient for supporting immune system health, but to stop at justVitamin C is to neglect a slew of other benefits from other vitamins. A single serving of Nuun Immunity3’s formula contains as much Vitamin A as 32 cups of chopped broccoli, as much Vitamin D as 500g of raw chanterelle mushrooms, as much Vitamin B12 as 27 eggs, as much Vitamin E as 5 avocados, and YES—as much Vitamin C as 8.5 oranges!

And unlike a smoothie made with all those ingredients, Nuun Immunity3 tastes great in both Mandarin Orange and Super Berry flavors.  


No, that’s not a spelling error. Prebiotics are different than probiotics, but they are both great for gut-health. Studies continue to show that maintaining a healthy internal stomach biome has huge impacts on overall health. Prebiotics help support this delicate internal balance by providing fiber and acting as fertilizers to stimulate the growth of healthy gut flora.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, hydration and health go hand in hand. Your body is made of mostly water and maintaining proper fluid balance keeps all your internal systems- including the immune system (!) running smoothly. Electrolytes are crucial to helping maintain this balance and supporting lasting hydration and fluid and ingredient absorption.

BUT WAIT, There’s More!

Each serving of Nuun Immunity3 includes 175mg of Black Elderberry extract. What’s so cool about this ingredient? We wrote an entire separate blog post to explain all the benefits. Check it out! 

So, now you can see why we’re so excited to welcome the new Nuun Immunity3 into our product family. If you’re interested in an on-the-go arsenal of immune supporting ingredients packed in a single sachet grab an 8-pack or 14-pack of the NEW Nuun Immunity3.

Happy Hydrating!


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