Introducing: Nuun Instant!

Today we are proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting addition to the Nuun Family Tree: Nuun Instant! Nuun Instant is a rapidly rehydrating powder drink mix that comes in two flavors: Lemon Lime and Watermelon. The best part? Nuun Instant hydrates faster than water alone. Read on to learn how!

Why Did We Make Nuun Instant?

Most Nuun products fall into the category of “proactive hydration”, meaning that they help you get hydrated before an activity, or they help you maintain proper hydration during a dehydrating activity. Nuun Instant is different.  It was designed to relieve dehydration after the symptoms of dehydration have set in. Whether your dehydration is caused by busy days, long nights, illness or inhospitable climates, Nuun Instant’s formula uses established science as well as ingredient innovations to speed up the rehydration process on a cellular level.

How Does Nuun Instant Hydrate You So Fast?

The short answer is: SCIENCE!

The longer answer lies in the origin of Nuun Instant’s formula. Nuun Instant is based on Oral Rehydration Solution developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to treat individuals experiencing illness because of dehydration. Over the years the exact WHO ORS formula has evolved, and Nuun Instant incorporates the latest in hydration science to inform the ratio of ingredients for optimal absorption. In addition to the glucose and electrolytes which comprise any basic ORS formula, Nuun Instant includes 100% of the daily suggested servings of both Vitamin C and Vitamin B12.

When Should I Drink Nuun Instant?

You should drink Nuun Instant when you’re dehydrated. The rapid rehydration formula is beneficial at relieving dehydration no matter the cause! Whether you’re up late, out and about, under the weather, or over extended… Nuun Instant delivers hydration you can feel—faster than ever before! The single serving pouches are perfectly portable so you can be prepared no matter when or where dehydration strikes!

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