Nuun Recover VS Nuun Rest

Nuun Rest and Nuun Recover both have benefits for tired muscles, but which one is right for you right now?

Get To Know Nuun Rest

Nuun Rest is one of Nuun’s effervescent tablet products. Crafted to aid in relaxation, Nuun Rest soothes tension with magnesium for muscles, tart cherry extract for melatonin production, and electrolytes for hydration. If you’ve tried Nuun Rest before then you know it’s a little different than other Nuun tablets. For one, it only requires 4-6oz of water. Like Nuun Immunity, Nuun Rest can also be enjoyed hot. To learn more about the science behind Nuun Rest’s key ingredients check out these blog posts on Tart Cherry Extract and Magnesium.


What’s Inside Nuun Rest?

Nuun Rest’s relaxing formula includes:

When should you drink Nuun Rest?

There’s certainly no wrong time to drink Nuun Rest! Many people use Nuun Rest as a hydrating and relaxingpart of their bedtime ritual, but Nuun Rest is also great for times when you feel stressed out and just need that *ahhhhh* feeling.  Emma Coburn uses it to help regulate her sleep cycles and avoid jetlag when she travels. Other athletes drink Nuun Rest on their days off from training because the high magnesium content helps with muscle soreness. Whenever you drink Nuun Rest just remember one thing: swish and sip. The magnesium in Nuun Rest is a little heavier than other ingredients and can settle at the bottom of your cup if it sits still for too long. Swishing and sipping helps ensure you get the full serving of magnesium.

Get To Know Nuun Recover

Nuun Recover is part of The Podium Series, an elite performance hydration supplement system designed for athletes. Nuun Recover contains vegan BCAAs to intensify protein potency as well as L-Glutamine for muscle repair. Nuun Recover is designed to be consumed immediately after tough workouts to jumpstart rehydration and muscle repair. To learn more about the role of BCAAs in our formula check out this blog.  

What’s Inside Nuun Recover?

  • Vegan BCAAs
  • 6g Protein
  • Electrolytes
  • L-Glutamine
  • 4g Sugar
  • 50 Calories


When should you drink Nuun Recover?

Nuun Recover should be consumed immediately after a workout to help just start muscle repair and recovery. Nuun Recover isn’t a meal replacement, but it’s a great addition to any healthy training plan. It can be consumed as the last step in The Podium Series hydration supplement system or consumed on its own. Just add one scoop of the powder mix to 16oz of water, shake/stir, and enjoy!

In conclusion, Nuun Rest is a relaxing and hydrating addition to any day when you want some extra R&R, while Nuun Recover is designed for immediate rehydration and support after a tough workout.



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