The Nuun Shandy was first created after a particularly tough marathon a few years back. We couldn't wait to crack open an ice cold beer at the finish line, but we also knew we needed to rehydrate. But we felt awkward and clumsy holding a bottle of water, a can of beer, and a banana all at once. Instead, we dropped a tab into a can of beer and were pleasantly surprised to find out we loved it! That post-race beer tasted better than ever, and we were replacing lost electrolytes while also enjoying the celebration.

Over the years, we've experimented with different flavor combinations, trying to find what we like best. Some of our favorites are:

  • A Belgian White Ale + Orange Nuun Electrolytes
  • A Mexican-Style Lager + Lemon Lime Nuun Electrolytes
  • A Summer Shandy + Citrus Fruit Nuun Electrolytes
  • An IPA + Citrus Fruit or Watermelon Nuun Electrolytes

Flavored beers are all the rage these days, and we think adding citrus fruit to an unflavored IPA makes a delicious grapefruit IPA!

As you may have guessed, we've got a few tips for creating the perfect Nuun Shandy!

  1. Stick to a half tab of Nuun. You want to complement the flavors of the beer, not overwhelm it.
  2. Pour a few ounces of beer into a separate glass, then add the half tab of Nuun. Your beer will foam, and dropping the tab into a full beer will result in a Nuun Shandy volcano. Fortunately, the foam goes down after a minute or so, and you can add the rest of your beer!
  3. For an Instagram-worthy Nuun Shandy, wet a glass then pre-chill it in the freezer for the perfect frosty glass.



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