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Here at Nuun, we’re on a mission to empower more movement because we believe in the power of movement to change lives. As part of this greater mission we focus on three core values:

Clean Product
Clean Planet
Clean Sport

Today we want to share some additional details about our Clean Sport commitment and how it impacts the way we do business.

When we talk about Clean Sport, we don’t mean that everyone has to wash their hands at the start of a race (though these days that’s really not a bad idea) but rather that athletes, when competing and training, should work to achieve their peak performance without the use of performance enhancing drugs, banned substances, or any practice which gives athletes an artificial advantage over the competition.

This is why all Nuun products are Informed Choice Certified, so our customers know that their improvement and performance is all natural and all a result of their hard work. Informed Choice not only scrutinizes our ingredient lists, but also sport checks all batches of our products to ensure there is no cross contamination or accidental inclusion of substances outside our ingredient lists. While we at Nuun have never had an issue with ingredient accidents, but we look at the regular testing as an important safeguard, protecting our athletes from ingredients that would harm their hard work. 

Speaking of athletes! Did you know that ALL Nuun sponsored athletes take the Clean Sport Collective pledge? They do, and in doing so they promise us and themselves that they will not use performance enhancing substances or banned practices. We ask our athletes to do this because we believe that the unfairness of performance enhancing substances robs deserving athletes of opportunities and achievements.

In addition to our professional sponsored athletes, our Nuun Ambassador Program also requires all members to take the Clean Sport Pledge.

This might seem like overkill, but the fact of the matter is that there are teams, athletes, and brands out there right now compromising the integrity of competitions by using performance enhancing drugs and banned practices. This is why we’re so serious about our Clean Sport commitment. 

If you’re serious about keeping banned substances out of competitions we encourage you to take the Clean Sport Pledge. Together, we can keep competitions clean and athletes healthy.       


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