Nuun's Favorite Flavor Combinations


At Nuun HQ, we like to get creative with­­ our Nuun flavor combinations. Whether you’re filling a 32 oz water bottle and need to double up on tabs, or you’re splitting tabs for the perfect 16 oz refreshment, consider any of our favorite Nuun combos:

Summer dreams

Sport Watermelon+ Sport Lemon Lime: We love the balance of sweet watermelon combined with the citrusy lime. This combination reminds us of a bluebird, backyard BBQ. Ahhhh, sip in that sunshine! 

Vitamin bliss

Blackberry Citrus + Ginger Lemonade: Our two Vitamins + Caffeine flavors combine into an absolute power team. A little sweet and a little tangy, this combo packs a serious flavor punch. We know how we’re getting our vitamin fix!

 Hipster fruit punch

Vitamins Tangerine Lime + Sport Fruit Punch: These two all-star flavors are a great cross between our Sport and Vitamins lines. The childhood nostalgia of that Fruit Punch flavor plus a twist of citrus from our Tangerine Lime creates a perfect flavor profile that’s just begging to become an adult beverage.

Strawberry limeade

Vitamins Strawberry Melon + Fresh Lime: For all of the Cherry Limeade fans out there, prepare to have your mind blown. Our Strawberry Melon Vitamins + Fresh Lime Sport will bring a whole new twist to your love for a classic limeade beverage.

We’d love to hear from you. Which of these flavor combinations has you converted? Share some of your own personal favorite flavor combinations. We’d love to try them here at Nuun HQ!



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