Nuun's Guide to Hyper Hydration

Electrolyte circulation? Check

Fluid absorption on point? Affirmative.

Increased endurance performance? Oh, heck yea!


How is it that you reach this state of hydration bliss you ask? Two words: hyper-hydration. We’ve seen a growing popularity in the practice of pre-loading electrolytes over the last couple of years, and studies have pointed back to increased performance during endurance exercise as a result! Nuun’s hyper-hydration guide provides the basics of what you need to know before adding this hydration tactic into your long-haul regimen.


The What


The practice of hyper-hydrating is simply the act of loading up on sodium citrate (PLENTIFUL in Nuun!) and fluids to reduce the overall physiological strain of long-distance endurance exercise. So, how does it all work? When you hyper-hydrate, you are literally expanding blood volume by increasing plasma volume. In turn, you are increasing the availability of internal fluids. This ultimately enhances the circulation of water and nutrients in your bloodstream! Resulting in endurance hydration nirvana. Pretty wild, hey?


The Why


So, why take a walk on the hydration wild side? When we work out for longer periods of time (3+ hours of endured effort), our circulatory system takes a heavy hit. Being properly hydrated alleviates the stress on this system while also expanding plasma volume.


Plasma volume say what?! Plasma is a component of blood which has a primary purpose of transporting nutrients throughout the body. The good news? Increased volume of plasma = increased nutrient circulation!


During long-distance endurance exercise, our muscles are craving more energy in order to sustain their effort. Increased nutrient circulation makes sure that our muscles are primed and fueled for the maintenance of such effort.


The When


Hyper-hydration is NOT for every workout. This practice should only be used when gearing up for a long workout/race that will last at least 3 hours, in high heat and humidity conditions, or if you are a particularly heavy/salty sweater.

In order to absorb the full benefits of hyper-hydration, you’ll need to consume roughly 2,000 mg of sodium nitrate. This amount of triggers the body to store additional sodium, and maximize its circulation in your bloodstream.


HOW to hyper-hydrate with Nuun


The night before, consume a ½ strength pre-load mix: 3 tablets of Nuun Sport w/ 16 fl. oz. water. The morning of your workout/race, consume a full-strength pre-load mix: 6 tablets of Nuun Sport w/ 16 fl. oz. water. Drink over the course of an hour.

Yep--you read that right: 6 tablets! Yes, this will taste extra flavorful and extra salty. Sip slowly, and enjoy the benefits!



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