Nuun's Vegan Ingredients

Here at Nuun, we believe in making healthy hydration enhancers using clean, environmentally conscious ingredients. With a goal to empower more muuvment we want to give you the electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals you need to rock your workout or your workday. While our original formulation from 2004 was not 100% vegan, we have worked hard to and are proud to say that now Nuun’s entire product offerings are fully vegan. In short, we believe you can get all the benefits of optimized hydration without the use of animal products (or artificial ingredients!) and we’ve got the Nuun formulas to prove it! 

In this article we want to share some insights into how we are able to source vegan versions of ingredients that are often not vegan when found in other products. So, let’s jump right in and explore what Nuun ingredients are vegan:

Some of the Vegan Nuun Ingredients

Vitamin A: Vitamin A gets an A+ grade from us! It has benefits for your vision and your immune system, so you can SEE why we’re such big fans. Most Vitamin A is sourced from animal products, but our Vitamin A comes from Beta Carotene (the same stuff found in carrots!) which we harvest from assorted vegetables.

No Artificial Colors: Something that’s very rarely discussed in the food and beverage industry is the use ground up insects to color products. Even though this often isn’t counted as an “artificial” dye, it certainly doesn’t count as vegan. At Nuun, we never use any artificial coloring, and in the rare cases we want to add an ingredient just for its color properties we always use natural vegan options. A great example of this the touch of powdered beets helps Strawberry Lemonade have its light pink color.

No Artificial Flavors: How do we make Nuun so light, refreshing, and delicious? With only the finest natural flavors, naturally! Natural flavors come from parts, pieces, essences, and oils of fruits and sometimes vegetables. Artificial flavors synthesized in labs have sources rarely disclosed to the public as they are often protected as trade secrets. We don’t have to worry about where artificial flavors are being sourced or if those sources are vegan because we don’t use them. Period.  

Sugars: In recent years there has been a growing awareness about how certain manufacturing processes for things that might be perceived as vegan actually use animal products. Refined sugars are a great example because while the ingredient “sugar” might not raise any red flags, sometimes the refining process uses animal products like fish bladders or bone char. None of our effervescent tablets have sugar over 2g, but the sugar we use is vegan stevia. The same goes for the glucose sourced carbohydrates in Nuun Endurance which is also vegan.

Vitamin D: There are two main varieties of Vitamin D found in supplements, Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is often sourced from the processing of sheep’s wool. Like all Nuun ingredients, our Vitamin D is sourced and produced without the involvement of animal products. Bonus: Looking for another vegan source of Vitamin D? The Sun! Just be sure to enjoy in moderation…


So, now you’ve got the inside scoop on Nuun’s commitment to vegan ingredients. While this blog post isn’t an exhaustive list of the creative vegan sources for all our ingredients, we hope it gives you some insight into the care and consideration we put into the inclusion of each ingredient in our product. Got questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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