"You know what seems exciting? Trying something totally different!" 

-Kara Goucher on transitions

On Saturday, June 15th, Kara will embark upon her very first competitive trail race at the Leadville Marathon. Kevin got a chance to pick Kara's brain before her big race and dig into some of the big questions around transitioning from road to trail running. 

"It's been terrifying. But It's really reconnected me with all the things I first fell in love with, in running. I would never have done this 5 months ago.. It's been really hard. But really rewarding. It's made me a better athlete, in the long run."

-Kara on trail running

Tune into the full interview below to learn more about Kara's training, race preparation and headspace before toeing the line at Leadville this weekend. 


  • Kara a different thought. Don’t be scared but be excited to do, learn and accomplish this new sport. Learn all you can learn and go out there and do your best but also get it out of your head you’ll get your butt kicked. Get in that race and do what YOU do and stay positive. I’m 47 and just getting back into cycling. I’m surrounding myself with the most positive and knowledgeable team to be successful. Stay focused in rock and roll Kara I’m proud of you.

    Jake Robertson on

  • Kara is such a fantastic athlete. i am glad to see that Nuun sponsers such a class act.

    arlene on

  • This was a great video and I am so beyond stoked to be sharing the trail with the likes of Kara Goucher! My transition from road to trail offered many of the same benefits as described by Kara. So inspiring! Can’t wait till Saturday!

    Michele Gurnsey on

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