Smash Your Goals With Nuun Sport

Meet our best-selling product! Nuun Sport is your secret weapon for next-level workouts.

What’s on your fitness to-do list? Whether you want to get faster, go farther, or try something for the first time, every goal should start the same way: hydration!

Working out is hard enough, but working out without proper hydration is like trying to drive a car with an empty tank. So while you focus on the tough stuff, we’ll make it easy to stay hydrated.

Today we’re spotlighting our #1 bestseller and the tab that started it all: Nuun Sport! There’s a whole lot of science in every tube of Nuun Sport, so let’s dive in and learn more about electrolytes, exercise, and what sets Nuun Sport apart.

Let's discuss electrolytes & exercise...

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They perform many functions to keep your body in balance, including helping your body absorb the water that you drink.

Why Are Electrolytes Important for Workout Hydration?

Because you don’t sweat plain water! You also lose essential electrolytes and minerals. After a workout, you need to replenish both the fluid loss and the electrolyte loss — plain water alone will not adequately quench your hydration needs for exercise.

When Do You Need Nuun Sport?

There’s a misconception that only elite athletes need electrolyte supplements. But you don’t have to run a marathon to lose essential electrolytes or feel the effects of dehydration. So here’s a simple rule of thumb: Anytime you break a sweat, you need Nuun Sport!

We know that for a lot of people, drinking water is part of the after-workout routine. But if you only hydrate once per workout, the optimal time to do so is BEFORE you exercise! If you sip Nuun Sport 30-60 minutes before you begin, you’ll be able to get ahead of your hydration and delay the onset of dehydration during your workout. Think of it as topping up your tank in advance before it gets all the way empty.

What's So Special About Nuun Sport?

Nuun Sport was developed by athletes, so every detail is designed to enhance hydration and performance. With powerful electrolytes, thoughtful ingredients, and a single gram of sugar, it's a unique blend you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s what sets Nuun Sport apart:

The electrolyte blend. Not every sports drink has our five-electrolyte blend. Nuun Sport electrolyte tablets and powders contain a delicate balance designed to replenish what you lose when you sweat:

  • Sodium: To help your body retain the water you drink
  • Potassium: To prevent muscle cramping
  • Magnesium: To support muscle function and relaxation
  • Calcium: To regulate muscle contraction and heart rhythm
  • Chloride: To help maintain electrolyte and fluid balance

The perfect balance. We follow evolving scientific research to ensure that our products are optimized to support healthy hydration. Any time you exercise, Nuun Sport helps your body replenish and rebalance with a 2:1 ratio of sodium and potassium. 

The clean label. Nuun Sport is our flagship product and we’re proud of what’s inside. We start with great ingredients, like real fruit extracts, and source them with care to ensure that every element is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Just 1 gram of sugar. Old-school sports drinks can contain upwards of 30+ grams of sugar! That’s overkill for the average workout. Hydration science has shown that a large amount of sugar isn’t necessary, but a small amount of sugar aids the hydration process. So that’s just what you’ll find in Nuun Sport: a pinch of sugar to help you stay hydrated. 

No matter what you’re chasing after, Nuun Sport will help you get there, and then keep on going. Have fun out there, and stay hydrated! Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single sip.

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