Staying Hydrated at the Office

Working out or working hard—hydration is crucial to making the most of your day. We’ve talked at length about the symptoms of dehydration, and it’s easy to see how headaches, fatigue, and nausea would be a hinderance to productivity anywhere. To help you stay hydrated in the office we’re sharing some of our best strategies from Nuun HQ. No need to block off time on your calendar for this blog post- these water drinking tips are easy to add to your already busy schedule!  

Bottle It Up

If you don’t have a reusable water bottle at your desk right now, go get one. Not only does the use of reusable water bottles save single use plastics from ending up in the ocean, but it also allows you to keep more fluid ounces within easy reach. Ditch the tiny paper cups from the water cooler and invest in a water bottle that you can decorate with cool stickers to show off all your adventures.

High Quality H20

If your office’s tap water leaves a lot to be desired talk to management about investing in water filters. There are plenty of options, from on-sink attachments to handheld pitchers, that can fit your office’s needs. Chances are, if you’re not loving the quality of the water available, you’re not the only one.

Water Buddies

Did you know that if you announce a goal to a group of peers you’re more likely to follow through on accomplishing that goal? Leverage the power of your peers by announcing your intention to drink more water at work! If you’re feeling especially ambitious see if you can get a group to commit to hydrating together in the office. When you see each other in the break room or in between meeting sipping on your cool reusable water bottles you’ll have one more reason to share a high five. Go team!   

Establish a Routine

Take a look at your daily and weekly schedule- are there regular points in your days that would benefit from a hydration break? One trick we use at the Nuun Offices is making sure that we start meetings with full water bottles. The extra time it takes to refill before heading to the conference room are nothing compared to a thirsty thirty minute conference call. Set an intention and then set a routine. You can even make a calendar reminder for 5 minutes before your regular meeting time to get your water ready. If you’re a fan of a midafternoon coffee break but looking to incorporate more hydration in your routine, consider swapping the coffee for a Nuun+Caffeine. The 40mg of caffeine is made from a green tea extract and is great for a gentle lift without the crash of your regular cup-o-joe.   

Do you have any office hydration tips to share? Post in the comments below!

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