What Is Tart Cherry?

What Is Tart Cherry? 

Tart Cherry has been making headlines recently  as a new super ingredient. Recent studies have demonstrated the potent positive effects of this little fruit and it feels like everyone is rushing reap the benefits. But what is tart cherry and what are the effects of tart cherry on the body and mind? As a key ingredient in Nuun Rest, we at Nuun are enthusiastic beneficiaries of tart cherrys health benefits. Not only is tart cherry good for sleep, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Below, we’ve outlined the key benefits of tart cherry and linked to studies where you can find more information about tart cherry.


Tart Cherry Effects on Sleep

In two recent studies tart cherry consumption was shown to improve the quality and duration of sleep in adults. Melatonin is a molecule produced in the brain that is fundamental in the sleep-wake cycle and according to this study adults who consumed tart cherry saw an increase in melatonin levels and sleep efficiency. Similarly, while this study did not measure melatonin levels in participants, it did show that adults with insomnia got more sleep time with the consumption of tart cherry vs a placebo.


Tart Cherry and Inflammation

In addition to providing symptom relief for women with inflammatory osteoarthritis, this study showed that the inflammation biomarkers found in participants were reduced. Our product Nuun Rest is designed primarily to aid in sleep and relaxation, but we find the additional anti-inflammatory benefit of tart cherry extract to be a bonus for those experiencing pain from inflammation.

The Tart Cherry In Nuun Rest

Many of the studies listed above relate specifically to the benefits of consuming tart cherry juice. Since Nuun Rest is an effervescent hydration enhancing tablet we use tart cherry extract to get the benefits of this potent ingredient. Our tart cherry extract comes from Montomory Cherries which are grown and harvested in the American Mid-West. We chose tart cherry extract as an ingredient for Nuun Rest specifically because it has demonstrated benefits in increasing sleep time, but also because of its anti-inflammatory properties.   

Have you tried Nuun Rest or Tart Cherry juice and experienced any of the positive effects of this ingredient? Share in the comments below! 


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