Why Become a Nuun Ambassador?

Interested in becoming a Nuun Ambassador in 2022? Sign up for email updates about the program here: https://ourcommunity.nuunlife.com/join/ 

At Nuun we are so happy to have a best-in-class ambassador program. You may wonder, “What makes a best-in-class ambassador program?” The answer is: the people! The Nuun ambassador program is comprised of the most amazing and motivational athletes who are true cheerleaders for our brand.

Nuun Ambassadors are members of the active community that love to muuv and love Nuun! They share their experiences and expertise with other members of the community and they get sweet perks, from discounted product, Team Nuun Exclusive gear, access to exclusive giveaways and more!

The best part is that each year, we open up the program to invite Nuun consumers (new and seasoned) to apply to become one of our valued brand ambassadors. Each November, we will open the brand ambassador program applications, and we welcome all applicants. As our CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) says, “Nuun is hydration that inspires people to move more”.

If you apply and are accepted to become a Nuun Ambassador you can expect to be welcomed in to the Nuun Community with open arms. Can you imagine being a part of a community that loves Nuun and muuvment/activity as much as you do? As a member of the Nuun Ambassador program, we to inspire your participation and connection with the Nuun brand and with members of the Ambassador community. You'll build relationships and connections with your fellow Teammates, through our website, social media, and Ambassador forums and more! 

Check back for more details on the ambassador program details in the coming weeks! In the meantime, read what some current Nuun ambassadors have to say about the program!

Crystal, from Vermont: “Team Nuun is an inspiring community, one which lifts others up, supports one another and creates unity. I have been using Nuun products for years. It is part of my everyday health as well as training.”

Brent, from Minnesota:  Love Team Nuun because it’s a bright spot in my training, on social media, and in my life! Like-minded people from all over North America who share the #NuunLove and cheer each other on!”

Jesse, from Massachusetts: “As an elite athlete, I haven’t had a supporting sponsor so committed to having my back as with Nuun. The community of ambassadors is rich with excited athletes of all abilities and levels of competition who are eager to connect, too. Nuun has gone above and beyond to show me that I’m not just an athlete, but that I’m a Nuun family member first.”

Mandi Clark, form Ontario: “I found Nuun when I was searching for something to help with post-exercise headaches/dehydration. I ended up finding so much more- a positive community full of wonderfully diverse people.”

Rachel, from Ontario: “Team Nuun is a positive community that builds each other up no matter what type of athlete you are! I love the monthly challenges that help me stay motivated, and of course the best hydration option on the market!”

Charlotte, from New Brunswick: “#TeamNuun has brought some diverse, amazing, inspiring and talented runners together in the most unexpected ways. In my 4 years since becoming an ambassador, I’ve met and corresponded with a very diverse and fun group of people. I love the community. #NuunLife”

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