10 Tips for an Easy Run Commute

Meet Dave, Lynn, and Paige. Here at Hydration HQ, we encourage each and every Nuunie to rethink their driving habits and find alternative forms of transportation. Many of us have run to work at least once, but these three are our most dedicated run-commuters. 

They're also big trail runners!

We know the first run commute can be a little intimidating, so we asked them to share a few tips to make your first time easier. Follow their tips for a hassle-free commute!

  1. Map out your route the night before. It’s helpful to know the most pedestrian-friendly areas, especially if you’re running through a big city. Side tip: if you’re training for a big race, it’s super fun to switch things up and incorporate/adapt your route according to your training plan (hill repeats, interval training, etc.).

  2. While you're at it, plan both your running outfit and your change of clothes before you go to bed. Make it as convenient as possible so you don't waste time in the morning.

  3. Be prepared. Winter is getting closer and closer, which means the sun rises later and sets earlier. Reflective gear, blinky lights, and headlamps are all essential for staying safe. And depending on the length of your run, consider bringing spare batteries.

  4. Get a backpack small and tight enough that it doesn’t bounce around but large enough to fit a change of clothes and any necessary fuel. Most of us don't have a commuter backpack but instead wear our trail packs. They're suitable enough, but they don't allow for extra items so planning ahead and packing lightly is key.

  5. Make sure your clothes are kept dry by wrapping them in a garbage bag, even if you have a waterproof backpack. We're in Seattle, so rain happens, but this will also keep your clothes sweat-proof.

  6. If you don't want to carry your clothes in a pack, bring extra clothes on a previous day. Dave brings his every week on Monday so that it becomes part of the routine. And if he does forget, he has wiggle room to bring clothes the next day.
  1. This is true for all runs, but make sure you have a fully charged phone and cash on hand, in the event you get injured and need to call an Uber/taxi or pay bus fare.

  2. Keep spare toiletries and a towel at work. Or, if you don't have a shower at your office...dry shampoo and body wipes are basically a shower, right? Well, maybe not, but they sure work great in a pinch. (and your coworkers will thank you!) Lynn's favorites are Kevin Murphy dry shampoo and Shower Pill body wipes.

  3. If you don’t want to run to and from work (or aren't ready for that level of commitment), try just running home! Take public transit one way, or carpool with a coworker, and bring your running gear with you. As long as you have a reliable alternate commute plan, then this could prove to be less of a hassle.

  4. Have fun! We run because we genuinely love running, and run commutes should be no different.

 Fellow run-commuters: did we miss anything? What tips would you add?


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