Does flying affect your immune system? What to know for holiday travel

As you pack your bags and get ready for an upcoming trip, you may wonder how flying affects your immune system. What should we know before we go — other than showing up 2 hours early at the gate?

While you already know that you’ll be around a lot of people at the airport and on the plane, flying also creates environmental conditions that can put your immune system on the defense. The reason? Low humidity.

How flying affects the immune system 

Airplane cabins are filled with low-humidity air, which can dry out the nasal passages and the eyes. These are important because they are some of the first borders for keeping viruses and bacteria at bay.

Here’s what you can do about it: Drink water! If you’re staying hydrated, you’re also encouraging the production of the mucus membranes. We’ve heard a lot about plane ventilation and crowded spaces, but this is one very important factor within our control. Keep out the bad stuff by drinking the good stuff: H2O.

How a healthy hydration routine can help

Maintaining your healthy hydration habits on flights and travel days can help deter pesky bacteria and viruses before they’re even inside the body. You’ll also want to pack a helpful sidekick in your carry-on: Nuun Immunity3!

Nuun Immunity3 is made to supercharge your immune system, with FAST hydration and a triple-pathway formula for extra heavy lifting:

1. Valuable vitamins to support immune function.
2. Essential electrolytes to enhance hydration and get those vitamins into your bloodstream, super fast.
3. Prebiotics to support your overall gut health too, because a happy gut is essential to overall wellness. 

Take your hydration on the road

While we’re on the subject of holiday travel, here’s a bonus tip: Hydration is helpful for road trips too! Because we’re so focused on getting to our destination and don’t want to make a pitstop every hour, we often avoid water on car trips. But staying hydrated can help with cognition and reaction time — both critical for driving and staying alert! Plus, it helps you feel fresher once you get out of the car: If you stay hydrated along the way, you won’t feel so sluggish when you get there.

From all of us at Nuun, safe travels and happy hydrated holidays!

 Nuun Immunity3 is the easy way to support your immune system. Stock up for the season! >>>

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