Emily Schromm Helps You Avoid Burnout

Learn Emily Schromm's top tips for recognizing that you're on the road to burnout.

My Top 4 Signs I’m Headed Straight to Burnout 

Rest and recovery—two words we hear quite a bit, but do we actually know what It feels like to be rested? Do we truly know what it is like to feel recovered

In a world of MORE: more workouts, more things to try, more work, more opportunities…we know how to stay busy. By consequence, we have less of the most important things, the things that keep us happy, well rested, and injury free.

After a lot of trial and error, I wanted to share my top 4 signs that my body tells me that I am neither rested nor recovered, and by listening to those signs I stay my most vibrant, healthy, and happiest self.

Sign #1: It takes me a really long time and a lot of coffee to wake up.

This has become common but is actually a simple sign of cortisol dysfunction. Cortisol, a hormone released by our adrenals, should be highest in the morning as it gradually decreases throughout the day. When we are waking up fairly groggy despite 7 to 8 hours of sleep, try naturally raising it by sitting in the sunshine on your patio or jumping up and down for 60 seconds. 

Sign #2: I leave my workout with a headache and worse energy than when I walked in.

When your body feels like it just got run over by a tow truck after you work out, you are most definitely not rested or recovered. Despite our love for our workout routine, there needs to be an honest conversation if it is making you feel energized when you leave, or if it is making you feel depleted. Consistent depletion is a tell-tale path to injury and burnout. Spend a week doing more bodybuilding style workouts, avoid HIIT or sprints, and remember more is not MORE!

Sign #3: I can’t stop thinking about naps all day, but when I finally put my head down to sleep I am wide awake.

This is another cortisol dysfunction symptom, as cortisol is not coming down as it should. Try swapping scrolling on your phone at night to reading a book, which will allow our natural melatonin levels to rise.

Sign #4: No matter what I do, I cannot get my glutes to be sore.

Meaning, they will not activate. This subsequently leads to my SI pain acting up fairly quickly. For some, this translates into lower back pain or inner knee pain, but here’s the deal: there is a strange but wonderful connection to your adrenals and your muscles! Specifically your glutes. Can you imagine a primary muscle not activating in a squat or lunge? Long term, this can cause incredible stress on our hips and lower back. Notice as soon as your glutes won’t activate or any shift in your squat or walk. It’s simply your body trying to talk to you!

Remember to listen. 

For more of Em’s tips, including why she loves NUUN for adrenal support, go checkout the hashtag #adrenalswithem! 

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