Five No-Ship Gift Ideas for Athletes

Oops! You forgot to get a gift for that special someone and now shipping delays have made it impossible to put a present under the tree before New Year’s Eve. Don’t fret! We’ve got five No-Ship gift ideas to delight any athletic friend or family member...  

Subscription to Strava Premium: If you’ve got a runner or biker in your life this is a go-to gift to help them make the most of their workouts. While Strava does also recognize and track other activities (more than 20 different ones, actually) it’s in the running/biking community where they shine. A premium membership gives the giftee the ability to plan routes, set up leaderboards to compete with friends and strangers, and get a ton of data insight into their long-term training. And, it’s cheaper than a Netflix subscription.   

Donation to a Worthy Cause- Non-profits and charity organizations need your help more than ever this year because *gestures broadly at everything* you know…2020. If you’re struggling to find a gift for someone you love, consider giving in their honor to an organization that celebrates their interests. Two organizations that we LOVE are Outdoor Afro and Girls on the Run. Both use movement to empower and enrich lives and that’s pretty dang fantastic.  

Subscription to CorePower Yoga On Demand- Who misses yoga classes? We do. Who loves taking online yoga classes in the privacy of our own bedrooms where no one can see our very embarrassing attempt at an inversion? We do! If you know someone who misses their yoga classes get them a subscription to CorePower Yoga On Demand. They have over 300 classes to do at your own pace in your own space. (Pst! We partnered with them to create this free yoga program too…)

 A Virtual Coaching Session- There are some things that a YouTube video can’t do. Like tell you specifically what you are doing wrong and how to fix it. That’s where a virtual coaching session can help! We highly recommend searching and finding a local athletic coach in your area who specializes in the sport of your intended recipient that way you’re supporting the local economy and giving your recipient the chance to make a friend!   

Subscription Box- Ok, this one is a little bit of a stretch, since it does indeed involve shipping HOWEVER your recipient won’t expect to receive this box until after the new year so we think it’s still a good idea. There are SO MANY subscription boxes to choose from it would be impossible for us to recommend just one. There are boxes for outdoorsy people, yogis, smoothie sippers, and just general fitness fans. Search to fit the perfect fit for your friend or family member and they’ll be delighted to receive it month after month.  

Got other ideas for some last-minute gifts? Share in the comments below!

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