Grayson Murphy Wants You To Crush Your 2021 Goals

Will you be ready to crush those 2021 goals? 

For many of us, 2021 represents a glimmer of hope in return to some sort of normalcy and a chance to do some of the things that we missed out on in 2020. Every new year offers us a chance to dream big and chase some really important goals. However, into 2021 we also have the added benefit of additional motivation and passion that has been sitting idle all of 2020 just waiting to be unleashed.

For me personally, I hope that 2021 will be able to be filled with many of the race opportunities that were unfortunately, but necessarily, canceled in 2020. With a year of solid training under my belt, I believe that the new year will be a chance to take bigger risks in races than ever before. But just because the passion and motivation is there, that doesn’t mean that I can coast my way to success. Over the years of my collegiate and professional running career, I have learned the value of the goal setting process and how creating and maintaining good habits can be the ultimate catalyst to success. I believe in this process so much that I even created my own training log and daily planner combo that share this technique in the hopes that I can help others find success too (purchase a training log + planner for yourself HERE!).

While winning a World Championship Gold medal is certainly on the top of my list of proudest achievements, I am equally as proud of the hardwork and journey that it took to get there. Using the habit trackers each month in my training log, I can focus on small daily goals that over time can add up to some really big gains. During the summer months, I like to track my hydration (with Nuun of course!) to make sure that I am getting adequate electrolytes and water for proper recovery in the hot temps. All year round, I track my meditation days and each month I challenge myself to make time to meditate for more minutes than the month before. Additionally, I am almost always tracking the days that I do core and/or any other rehab exercises in an effort to hold myself accountable. It is often the small things that get overlooked and don’t get done but the flip side of that coin is that it is often the accumulation of little things that can lead to breakthrough performances.

These habit tracking exercises don’t have to be related to sports or athletic pursuits, they have applications in all parts of life. Whether you have a personal project that you are working on, are focused on improving self-care, mental health, or nutrition, or have a different goal in mind, the same principles apply. The beauty of the habit tracking technique is that the habits are adaptable and can change frequently. You might find that you have created a habit that you now do automatically and no longer have a need to track it; a smashing success! Or you might find that your goals have changed and different habits are more valuable so you can pivot to tracking those instead.

Whatever your goals are for 2021, whether related to athletics, personal life, work, or other, I encourage you to try the process of habit tracking. Focusing on the little goals adds up over time to produce some extraordinary results and helps you to appreciate the journey along the way!

Racin’ Grayson Training Log + Planner (Available HERE)


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