Green Your Routine

5 Tips for making your workout eco-friendlier!

Reusable Water Bottle- Ditch the single serve plastics and conventional sports drinks! Consider the life of a single use plastic bottle. It’s made with petroleum, filled with water that had to be harvested and processed, packaged in more plastic and cardboard for shipping, shipped many miles by boat, train, plane, or truck, possibly refrigerated on shelf, all before being purchased, consumed, and (hopefully) recycled. You can eliminate this entire scenario by getting a reusable water bottle and drinking from that instead. Hate the way your water tastes? Try a water bottle with a built-in filter!  


Make Your Commute Count- Save the earth and get your sweat on by making your commute human powered! We’ve written several articles about commuting by foot or by bike, and depending on where you live there might even be an option to kayak… Remember to plan ahead, take safety seriously, and have a plan for what you’ll do once you get into the office.


Give Your Gear New Life- Not feeling that jacket anymore? Yoga pants not cutting it at the CrossFit gym? Turn your old workout gear into new workout gear for someone else. Many brands are offering incentives to recycle old clothes and gear, so consider that before tossing your trainers in the trash. Also, there are lots of companies making clothing from recycled materials. Green clothing options come in every color…


Shower Smart- Are you waking up in the morning, taking a shower, then coming back home after a workout and taking another shower? That might sound ridiculous, but the writer of this blog post did just that for about a week till her husband pointed out how wasteful that was. If you need the watery wake-up, splash some water on your face or wet your hair with a spray bottle. Save your full shower for after your workout. The average shower uses over 17 gallons of water, so reducing the number of showers you take in a year has a huge impact.


Clean as Part of Your Routine- The next time you spy some spare trash on the trail or sidewalk scoop it up doggie-doo style! Carry a roll of doggie bags with you to make picking up litter hygienic and easy. Simply drop the trash in the next available can or dispose of it at home. Then you can bask in the satisfaction of making the world a cleaner place for all to enjoy. Feeling super motivated? Get a group together, pick a public area, and host a clean-a-thon where everyone can enjoy the outdoors while beautifying an area overrun with litter. You can search #trashtag to see other groups of people doing the same thing all over the world!


Got other green fitness routine tips or tricks? Share in the comments below!  


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